Motorola Wide Area Dispatch eBrochure

13 | 855-542-3767 | WWW.TRBOWEST.COM EARPIECES AND SURVEILLANCE ACCESSORIES A wide selection of styles fit the way you work – from discreet clear acoustic tube styles to over-the-ear styles. With inline push-to-talk and microphones, these accessories are easy to access on the go, so you can stay focused on the job. Choose from a variety of surveillance kits and ear microphones to communicate discreetly. HEADSETS In some extremely loud environments, it is difficult to hear your radio conversations without a headset. Motorola headsets are designed to offer high clarity audio with the additional hearing protection necessary to provide consistent, clear, two-way radio communications in harsh, noisy environments. Motorola’s lightweight headsets provide lasting comfort, and their heavy-duty headsets provide comfortable ways to protect your hearing in noisy environments. Even if your teams are logging extra hours stocking shelves or clocking overtime on the manufacturing line, they can communicate confidently. Heavyweight headsets offer extra durability and protection in more rugged and noisy environments. REMOTE SPEAKER MICROPHONES Two-way radio offers users reliable, instantaneous communications, and the addition of a Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) can make a portable radio even easier, safer and more effective to use. Motorola radios are built to withstand knocks and bumps, but keeping the radio on the belt helps protect it from the drops and misuse that can occur when users hold the radio in their hand. Using an RSM allows the user to make and receive calls without the need to remove the radio from their belt, leaving their hands free to hold guard rails, climb ladders, carry equipment or operate machinery. OPERATIONS-CRITICAL WIRELESS BLUETOOTH® ACCESSORIES Work with your radio like never before. Place your radio on a desk or cart, in a purse, medical bag or backpack and converse seamlessly with your wireless earpiece up to 30 feet away from your radio. Put your wireless PTT where you want to – on a clipboard, steering wheel or coat pocket – without wires getting in the way. Motorola Bluetooth- enabled radios allow both an Operations-Critical Wireless PTT and audio accessory to be connected and used at the same time. And Operations-Critical Wireless accessories last up to 10 hours – up to 3 times the battery life of commercial Bluetooth® headsets. CARRY ACCESSORIES You’ll be amazed at how much time you’ll save when your radio is always in the same place. Motorola’s versatile portfolio includes leather and nylon carry cases to protect your radio in tough places, while ensuring it’s easy to find and use. BELT CLIPS For Motorola’s belt clips, they specify only polycarbonate plastic for optimal protection and performance. Motorola’s belt clips are strong, robust and designed to “bend and flex” when dropped. CARRY CASES Add protection to your radio while you carry it in comfort. A variety of carrying accessories are available for comfort and convenience. The carrying cases are available in sizes designed to fit radios with a battery and permit audio to be heard clearly. CHEST PACKS Motorola Original Universal Chest Pack protects the radio and provides the freedom from holding it during standby communication mode. Universal Chest Pack fits virtually any radio. PORTABLE RADIO ACCESSORIES