Motorola Wide Area Dispatch eBrochure

17 | 855-542-3767 | WWW.TRBOWEST.COM MOBILE RADIO ACCESSORIES PUBLIC ADDRESS AND SPEAKERS PUBLIC ADDRESS KITS College campuses, commercial and industrial complexes, government facilities, military bases, municipal districts, local schools and even cities need to be able to communicate with the public in the event of an emergency, at public events and festivals. These accessories can help you get the word out, whether it’s from a vehicle or from a desktop station through speakers at a fixed location. EXTERNAL SPEAKERS Outmuscle noise in loud conditions and rugged situations – from the rumble of a cab in a cement truck to the hustle and bustle of a delivery truck at the loading dock. Motorola’s external speakers give you an extra audio boost in your vehicle. Customize speakers to your environment. ANTENNAS MOBILE RADIOS A variety of antennas ensure the best possible reception wherever you operate. Choose from antennas with integrated GPS to standalone RF antennas. FREQUENCY BAND Most antennas only cover a portion of a frequency band. Motorola’s wideband UHF and VHF antennas offer coverage across the entire band, enhancing your communication flexibility. INTEGRATED GPS A GPS antenna is integrated into the RF antenna. LOW PROFILE ANTENNAS Compact design is a key feature of low profile antennas. MAGNETIC/THROUGH-HOLE MOUNT ANTENNAS These antennas are designed to direct the signal more towards the horizon, making them ideal for applications in more geographically flat regions where signal coverage is sparse and must cover a larger area. INSTALLATION AND MOUNTING ACCESSORIES Mobile radios are often installed on the dash of a vehicle, and run off its power source. These accessories are available for mounting Motorola mobile two-way radios in vehicles. Mount your radio in your vehicle without compromising safety. Trunnion kits give you the flexibility to mount the radio under your dash, in your dash, between the seats or on the floor. Remote mount kits allow the radio be mounted in the trunk when dash space is limited. LOW-PROFILE MOUNTING BRACKET Keeps radio tucked up under the dash, can also be positioned for floor mount. HIGH-PROFILE MOUNTING BRACKET Keeps radio tucked up under the dash, with extra clearance so radio can be tilted for a better view. It can also be positioned for floor mounting. KEY LOCK MOUNT Key lock helps provide extra protection from theft. Lock/unlock radio from position in the mounting bracket. Not sure which Motorola Original accessories are right for your business environment? Contact us today and our Professional Two-way Radio expert will work with you to identify your options to enhance your two-way radio capabilities with high-performance Motorola Original accessories.