Motorola Wide Area Dispatch eBrochure

5 | 855-542-3767 | WWW.TRBOWEST.COM TRBOWEST BENEFITS TRBOWEST Network Cellular Phones Financial Benefits Fixed low monthly rate Constant rate increases, taxes & surcharge increases, and overage charges Offers long life cycle support, 10+ years Offers short life cycle support Ruggedly built for work environments Too fragile for rugged work environments, 23% failure rate per year Flexible accounting options - leasing/OPEX, CAPEX, hybrid Restricted to OPEX Safety Benefits Meets distracted driving "hands free" law requirements Requires hands free accessory to meet distracted driver law, but will they use it? Is effective in highly noisy environments Is ineffective in highly noisy environments Redundant connectivity, and power systems for a reliable network Subject to outages from call overload, power failures and natural disasters Performance Benefits Offers coverage to 90% of population in WA & OR Cellular networks generally provide greater coverage Battery life to support intensive use for the length of a full shift Battery life insufficient for more than occasional use Local service and sales support Out of state phone support Productivity Benefits Increases efficiency with one-to-many communication Decreases productivity by limiting communication to either one-to-one or one-to-two people Accelerates resolution time by instantly connecting people Delays response by taking at approximately 60 seconds to connect Intuitive, one-touch user interface. Easy to use when driving or wearing protective equipment. Complex user interface. Difficult to use safely in a work environment. Legal restrictions when driving. A great work communication tool A great entertainment tool - Social media, text messages, private calls, web surfing