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TRBOWest can customize a plan that is right for your business. Talk, Text and Track, all from your Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO digital two way radio.

TRBOWEST All Inclusive Bundle Includes

New Mobile or Portable Radio
+ TRBOWEST Network Access
+ Installation (including standard parts)
+ Routine Preventative Maintenance
+ Instant Radio Replacement Warranty

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Full TRBOWest System Access

Unlimited talk time on the full TrboWest system with 2 talk groups.

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Full TRBOWest System Access

Add unlimited GPS and MOTOTRBO data capability on the full TRBOWEST system.

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Backup Radio Plan

Includes 1 wide area talkgroup with full system access.
Uses as a backup to your primary radio system as well as:

Add Capacity for Special Events
Field Trips (extending coverage)
Temporary Needs

This is meant as a backup plan. Radio checks and testing is OK. When radios are used on the network the radios will be billed the standard $21.00/radio for that month

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TRBOWest Digital Coverage

Do you want real push-to-talk communications with digital technology from Motorola? Then TRBOWest has what you need. Our advanced digital networking system provides wide area dispatch coverage with GPS Location Services and Data Applications. If you are looking for a replacement for your Cellular Phone with a PTT Application - look no further. Make your organization more efficient and better connected today.

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