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Boost Performance, Add Mobility, and Increase Range for Push-To-Talk Devices

Be Safer, More Efficient, and Better Connected

Your workforce is out in the field every day, and you need to be able to contact them no matter where their job takes them. Our MOTOTRBO Commercial System provides you with high quality, voice and data communication, simply and affordably. You need communications where you do business. The TRBOWest network provides roaming capability between our sites in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho and Utah to deliver wide area coverage for your multi-location or fleet-based business.

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Unbeatable Rate Plans

Full TRBOWest System Access

Unlimited talk time on the full TrboWest system with 2 talk groups.

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Devices to Meet Your Needs

Discover What MOTOTRBO Can Do Throughout Your Enterprise

Two-way radios are the go-to technology for enterprises around the world – connecting people wherever they need clear, instant and reliable communications. MOTOTRBO is a portfolio of digital two-way radios that enable voice and data communications. It combines the best of two-way radio functionality with the latest digital technology for instant communicating, easy decision-making and seamless coordinating.

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The Digital Difference

New Portable and Mobile Options: the Benefits are Loud and Clear

MOTOTRBO radios offer a smart feature in digital mode – Intelligent Audio – that adjusts radio volume to fit an environment's noise level. This means the radio automatically boosts the volume level when the utility repair truck is rumbling down the highway, then automatically reduces the volume when he pulls up to the job site.

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True Radio Dispatch

VoIP Radio Dispatch Consoles

When you use two-way radios for your business you can contact your entire workgroup all-at-once with a single press of the push-to-talk button. No more cellular phone dialing required. The office can monitor job site activities. You can select and talk to a small work team or your entire fleet. You can also quickly determine who is closest and available to respond to a service call.

Tough and Durable Devices

Think Cell Phones are Good for Business? Think Again.

When it comes to work, almost nothing works like a two-way radio. VDC Research confirms that consumer-grade cell phones can bring greater expense then ruggedized devices. Little Surprise, given cell phone's shortcomings:

  • Incur 50% higher total cost of ownership
  • 3x more likely to fail
  • Unavailable in emergencies when cell towers overload
  • Unable to block loud noise
  • Gaps in coverage and signal

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Text Messaging Services

Provide Users with Vital Information Accessible at their Fingertips

MOTOTRBO's advanced digital technology supports data applications, including Text Messaging Services, which enables text-format communication between radios and dispatch systems, between radios and email-addressable devices, and to remote PC clients attached to radios.

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Our System Overview

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